We are pleased to present ‘The pandemic and beyond: The approach of the English, Cypriot and Russian courts and our predictions for the future'.

作者: Christos S. Konstantinou, Dimitriy Mednikov

Stone pillars

We are delighted to partner with Argyrou & Konstantinou L.L.C. to discuss a number of significant legal and economic developments in England, Cyprus and Russia, including the ways in which courts in these jurisdictions have reacted to the events of 2020, and the uncertainty that remains in 2021. Among other topics, this publication considers how the courts in each jurisdiction have reacted and adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact of Brexit on the law and courts in those jurisdictions, and if there is likely to be further consequences.

Please view the flipbook of the publication at reedsmith.com, or download a copy of the publication using the link below.