How our people can empower your people

The greatest asset of every organization is its people. Improving everyone’s knowledge, skills and motivation brings immeasurable benefits and rewards. At Reed Smith Global Solutions, we work with your in-house legal department and wider business to identify where improvements to working processes can deliver the most benefit. We look for where hidden problems are growing, where changes and differences can simplify processes and make savings, and where efficiencies can bring speed, agility and economies to people’s work and the organization as a whole.


Improved communications and motivation for Vista Outdoor lawyers

The problem

Vista Outdoor wanted help to enhance their lawyers’ overall communication, influencer and confidence skills when presenting internally and externally. The client was considering appointing an external consultant, but Reed Smith Global Solutions was able to design a business skills workshop to fit their exact requirements.

The resolution

Working closely with Vista Outdoor, we developed a tailored workshop at the client’s legal strategy event. Practical and fun, “How to influence and the power of effective communications” delivered a relevant, educational and sharply business-focused session where interactive participation gave lawyers who don’t often meet in person the opportunity to work together and develop common approaches.

The impact

Following the workshop’s success, we produced a “top tips” quick reference guide with key points. Sitting on lawyers’ desks, it guides anyone who has to create presentations and communicate in general. The workshop ideas have been extended to offer individual coaching sessions and develop the in-house legal department’s communication skills further. It’s an example of how we help our clients through creative partnership and collaboration as well as legal services.

Testimonial: “They delivered a fantastic workshop to my 10-lawyer legal department. It was engaging and informative, and everyone came away with an actionable list of communication improvements. It went far beyond the provision of legal advice.”

State-of-the-art systems improve processes in a leading New York-headquartered financial institution

The problem

A financial services client was using a technology matter management and e-billing system to manage outside counsel activities and related costs.

The resolution

Using our own legal operations expertise gained from consulting and working with in-house legal departments and wider businesses, we advised the client on selecting a new, future-proof system.

The impact

The client’s current system was replaced with new scalable technology appropriate for the faster-changing legal needs of today. This enabled their legal and compliance departments to save more time and energy in the management of their legal matters.


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