Pricing and distribution issues that often arise in the ordinary course of business raise varying competitive concerns depending upon where and through which channel your Company is doing business. Today, we aim to provide you with some insight on how to avoid triggers for antitrust scrutiny when dealing with online distribution issues.

Speakers: Andrew C. Bernasconi Edward S. Miller Natasha Tardif Michaela Westrup

Event Type: Webinar

Start Date/Time:
19 October 2017, 12:30 PM BST
End Date/Time:
19 October 2017, 1:30 PM BST

Please join us for a CLE webinar on recent trends and practice considerations for antitrust and competition issues in e-commerce. Key topics covered in the series include:

  • Dealing with use of third party websites, adwords, minimum advertised pricing and geoblocking
  • Minimum Advertised Pricing, Most Favored Nation Clauses, Resale Price Maintenance (RPM), and French unfair trading rules in the U.S. and in Europe
  • What to learn from the Coty case in the European Court and current European Commission investigations in e-commerce
  • Using third party platforms (looking at the French and German case law and enforcement practice before Coty and how Coty may change the French and German enforcement policy)
  • Pricing issues (looking at restrictions manufacturers may engage in for products to be sold online/dual pricing and RPM)

This webinar is the first in our “Antitrust in the Digital Age” series on current and developing antitrust and competition issues in E-commerce, Big Data and the Digital Economy in the U.S. and Europe.