Energy Transition – An evolving journey

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Our lawyers offer bespoke training sessions on key topics and emerging legal issues in the energy and commodities sector. Complete our bespoke training form to express your interest in any of the topics below, or to request a session on a particular area of focus.

We deliver training in many formats, from traditional presentations, to more interactive “teach-in” sessions and informal discussion/sharing of ideas. Sessions can be delivered in-person or remotely via Zoom or another preferred platform.

The one hour sessions include the following topics:

  1. Supply chain issues - Richard Swinburn / Terry Prempeh

    • How unsustainable supply chains impact businesses
    • Value gained from managing ESG risks in supply chains
    • Agri-commodities: How to manage supply chain risks
    • Extractive commodities: How to manage supply chain risks
    • Global legislation trends toward ESG
    • How is the market reacting to ESG management?
  2. Hydrogen trading and transportation - James Atkin / Nicole Cheung / Tom Watling

    • Introduction to hydrogen: What is it and why is it attractive as an energy source?
    • The hydrogen market: The current state of play
    • The regulatory landscape: How to regulate an explosive and flammable gas
    • How will hydrogen documentation develop?
    • Factors to consider when transporting hydrogen
    • Future-proofing: the complications of a new market
  3. Carbon tax, EU reduction strategies and net zero commodities contracts I – for market entrants - Adam Hedley / Yves Melin / Natalia Debowska

    • The different categories of carbon credits: avoided nature loss, nature-based sequestration, avoidance of emissions and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere
    • Differences between the voluntary and regulated market
    • Voluntary standards: How they are aligned with the regulated market and how businesses can ensure the integrity of a carbon offset in a voluntary market
    • Key considerations: A look at spot and futures trading
    • Drafting 101: How to effectively draft documentation, available templates and risks to keep in mind
    • Broader industry concerns: The lack of a standardized protocol for measuring, advertising and marketing compliance and what is a “carbon-neutral” commodity?