Health equity requires every moving piece of the healthcare ecosystem, including pharma companies. But ensuring a more equitable and an accessible healthcare system starts for pharma at the beginning. It starts with the HCPs you engage for pre-drug launch and marketing; it starts with the site investigators you recruit; it starts with the location and availability of the study.

发言人:: Sarah Thompson Schick

活动类型: 网络研讨会

14 March 2023

Learning objectives:

  • Historically, what has been lacking in clinical trials when it comes to diversity and inclusion
  • Why it took federal guidelines to begin to turn the conversation toward pharma and health equity
  • How big data can fuel trial diversity and why the data matters as well as a case study
  • What the ABC(and D’s) are of clinical trial diversity, equity, access, and inclusion and diversity
  • Why geography and patient representation matter