The Federal Trade Commission’s decision to ban virtually all existing and future non-compete agreements in the U.S. represents a seismic change in non-compete law. The rule, which is already being challenged in court, takes a broad view of what constitutes a non-compete agreement, leaving many unanswered questions for businesses to manage in the months ahead. Join us as we examine both the fine print and the larger implications of this rule to ensure your organization is well-prepared in both the near- and long-terms.

发言人:: Mark S. Goldstein Cindy Schmitt Minniti Brad A. Funari Michelle A. Mantine

活动类型: 网络研讨会, 继续法律教育(CLE)或继续专业发展(CPD)

2 May 2024, 9:00 AM PDT
2 May 2024, 10:00 AM PDT

Topics will include:

  • Deciphering the final rule
  • Managing pre-existing non-compete agreements
  • Exceptions to the non-compete rule
  • Ramifications for both corporations and non-profit organizations
  • Essential steps for thorough preparation