Amardeep (Sonny) Grewal Photo
Sonny is a senior associate in Reed Smith's Intellectual Property group in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. His practice involves patent prosecution and portfolio management, post-grant trials and proceedings, patent litigation, and IP counseling. 


  • American University, Washington College of Law, 2008, 法学博士, Intellectual Property
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 2005, 理学士, Computer Science, Astrophysics minor

  • 哥伦比亚特区
  • 加利福利亚州
  • 美国专利及商标局

Technical Expertise

A representative sample of Sonny’s areas of technical expertise include:

  • Blockchain and related technologies;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Data security and data masking;
  • Master data management;
  • Security circuits;
  • Database administration and management;
  • Biometrics;
  • Subsurface hydrocarbon reservoir modeling, mining and extraction systems;
  • Cloud computing and distributed data administration;
  • Redundant storage devices and data recovery methods;
  • Network data stream management;
  • Content addressable memory management systems;
  • Healthcare administration and tracking software;
  • Public-private key cryptography and authentication systems;
  • Enterprise management;
  • Risk assessment and mitigation software;
  • Optimization and control of manufacturing processes;
  • Customer relationship management software;
  • Advertisement delivery, analysis and targeting systems;
  • Graphics modeling techniques;
  • Graphical user interfaces;
  • Medical monitoring devices;
  • Imaging devices and image analysis software;
  • Remote computing and thin client systems;
  • Network security protocols;
  • Memory cells and circuits;
  • Memory controllers;
  • Financial portfolio management, analysis and optimization tools;
  • Optics;
  • Business methods;
  • Simulation and predictive software;
  • Mechanical devices;
  • Navigational devices and navigation software;
  • Social networking applications;
  • Mobile devices and telecommunications