Reed Smith Newsletters

Reed Smith Germany is happy to share the the Spring 2019 Edition of the quarterly IT & Privacy Newsletter.
  1. New German Trade Secrets Act
  2. German DPAs publish guidance on the use of tracking tools
  3. German DPAs publish new statement on Facebook fan pages
  4. Update on GDPR fines
  5. Update on transparency requirements for influencer marketing
  6. German Supreme Court once again refers a question on copyright infringement by framing to CJEU
  7. Berlin Regional Court: No extra costs permitted for different payment methods 
  8. Austrian DPA rules that it is not possible to give consent to unencrypted emails
  9. Munich Regional Court I: No right of re-publication of positive reviews
  10.  CJEU on the question whether over-the-top (OTT) services constitute “electronic communications services”