Welcome to the latest issue of Reed Smith’s newsletter on international arbitration. 

Authors: José Astigarraga Andrew Tetley Peter Rosher Lucy M. Winnington-Ingram Antoine K.F. Smiley Alison Eslick Liam Hart Erwan Robert Mathilde Adant Daja Apetz-Dreier Martin Seiler Julia Hoeren Lianjun Li Clara Fung Kohe Hasan Louise Zwicker Vanessa Thieffry Adam Calloway Chloe J. Carswell Clément Fouchard Ben Love Laura Adams

Construction Site

Reed Smith’s international arbitration practice is premised on three strands: specific industries such as energy and natural resources, certain “specialisms” (specific types of arbitrations regardless of industry, such as investor-state arbitration), and specific geographic regions in which our lawyers are especially well-suited to advise our clients.

This issue of our newsletter brings together all three strands of our strategy by focusing on construction disputes.

First, given the nature of the industry, our clients in the energy and natural resources industry frequently face construction disputes. And, of course, many of our clients in other industries similarly confront such disputes regularly.