Cannabis entities, like all businesses, require sound and strategic legal advice. The ongoing tension between federal and state laws continues to create significant confusion and challenges for business owners and investors. *

Whether you are already part of the cannabis industry, considering entering it, or touch upon it in some other way, Reed Smith is well positioned to provide counsel related to all facets of the industry and the law affecting it. Our team provides advice – and is prepared to defend it in the courts. Our expertise includes legal advice on state-specific statutes pertaining to the growth and sale of marijuana, federal and state tax laws, real estate zoning laws, drug testing laws, banking regulations, insurance coverage law, advertising law and laws pertaining to security and the manufacturing process.

Our lawyers routinely write and speak on legal issues affecting the cannabis industry.

*Note: We are only able to provide these services in jurisdictions where ethically permitted, and we reserve the right to withdraw representation if the federal government indicates that providing such legal services as described violates federal law.