This CLE webinar will address implicit bias and its effect on employment discrimination, both during the hiring process and the employee review process. Our panelists will guide employment counsel in advising clients on these essential issues.

Intervenants: Jill S. Vorobiev

Type d’évènement: Webinar

Date/heure de début
7 April 2020
Date/heure de fin
7 April 2020

We each make thousands of decisions every day, many influenced by implicit or unconscious biases, preconceived ideas we formed over our lifetimes due to past experiences and exposure to biased information. By definition, we are not consciously aware of our implicit biases.

These implicit biases can unintentionally affect hiring decisions and employee performance evaluations in the workplace and can cause significant problems. Implicit bias in the hiring or review processes--or even the appearance of that bias--puts employers at risk of being sued for discrimination.

What's more, plaintiffs' lawyers increasingly are using the theory of implicit bias in employment discrimination lawsuits to bolster their clients' alleged claims. Accordingly, employers should consider taking steps to develop and implement policies, procedures, and training to address unconscious bias in the workplace.

Listen as our panel discusses these issues and provides insight to practitioners in how to minimize implicit bias and any related liabilities.

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