Immigration assistance

Kids In Need of Defense 
We work with Kids In Need of Defense in the United States and UK. There are an estimated 215,000 undocumented children in the UK, many of which are entitled to British citizenship or a right to remain. These children face many barriers including exploitation, homelessness, abuse, lack of education, and health issues. Our lawyers prepare applications for children and their families to regularize their immigration status.

“This is the most satisfying and rewarding work of my career to date. In seven years as a commercial lawyer there is no transaction that I’ve completed that is going to have the same real-world impact as helping families settle their precarious immigration status and enable them to live full lives here in the UK.”
Jamie Garside, Associate, London

Protection for immigrants
Our lawyers brought a successful nationwide class action litigation that compelled the U.S. government to provide all newly detained immigrants the prompt hearings required by law to assess asylum eligibility. This result had a major impact by reducing average detention times per immigrant from 10 months to three weeks. 

“Reed Smith’s longstanding commitment to pro bono work has provided life-changing protection to immigrants and their families. Reed Smith has played a tremendous role in advancing human rights domestically and internationally. Reed Smith successfully challenged illegal delays in the screening of detained individuals seeking protection.”
National Immigrant Justice Center