Need-To-Know Business & Legal Issues

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged in December 2019, the global economy has begun to feel the strain of the expansive outbreak that has taken hold around the world.

With no vaccine on the horizon for perhaps a year or longer, businesses, governments and industries are grappling with how to best prepare for potential business and operational disruptions as well as the far-reaching business and legal implications of managing such a health crisis.

These implications and issues include business continuity and interruption, cancellation policies, customs/import regulations, export controls, federal and state rules and regulations, data protection and privacy, employment, insurance coverage, vendor and supply chain management, regulatory compliance and transportation restrictions. 

The Reed Smith Coronavirus team includes multidisciplinary lawyers from Asia, EME and the United States who stand ready to advise you on the issues above or the others you may face related to COVID-19.  Contact us for more information or access "need to know" client alerts and information related to the following topics and industries:

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