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Reed Smith attorneys do pro bono work for a simple but compelling reason: to make the legal system accessible and fair, especially to the poor and disadvantaged and to the nonprofit organizations that serve them.  Part of Reed Smith’s mission as a leading international law firm is to see that justice is made more widely available, because Reed Smith knows that the quality of justice matters—to all.  The firm promotes pro bono and community service efforts by its attorneys and staff through a variety of initiatives and incentives.  Three full-time lawyers manage the pro bono program: one in Philadelphia, one in San Francisco and one in London.

As a charter signatory to the Pro Bono Institute's Pro Bono Challenge, we devote 3 percent of our U.S. lawyers' billable hours to pro bono work. In the UK, Reed Smith is a signatory to the United Kingdom's Joint Protocol for Pro Bono Work and a founding member of Advocates for International Development. Our internal Pro Bono Committee works to provide Reed Smith lawyers the opportunity to aid persons of limited means, to assist charities with their legal needs and to champion important legal and human rights.

The firm works with many nonprofit groups and clinics.  In the United States, these include the Women’s Law Project, Public Counsel, Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights, Amnesty International, Trust for Public Land, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation.  In the United Kingdom we work with Liberty, Advocates for International Development, Providence Row, Create, Reprieve and others.

Reed Smith’s pro bono includes:

  • Assisting disabled veterans
  • Representing detainees at Guantanamo Bay
  • Protecting the legal rights of the elderly
  • Assisting parents navigate the adoption process
  • Obtaining asylum for persecuted immigrants
  • Arranging funding for nonprofits rebuilding distressed and neglected neighborhoods
  • Bringing about in-school care for California children with diabetes
  • Assuring fair process for capital defendants
  • Supporting lawyers in the developing world to protect human rights

Reed Smith has been honored with numerous awards and wide recognition for its pro bono work.