Witness evidence is a hot topic. The ICC’s recent report on the effect of memory on witness testimony addresses one aspect of witness evidence, but many factors besides memory, including some practices commonly used in arbitration, affect the value of witness evidence.

发言人:: José Astigarraga Peter Rosher Kohe Hasan Michelle Nelson

活动类型: 网络研讨会

21 September 2021, 2:30 PM France Daylight Time
21 September 2021, 4:30 PM France Daylight Time

We have identified eight points of contention in the international arbitration community with respect to witness evidence, including “cross examination does not enhance the value of witness evidence” to “save in rare situations, documents should be accorded more probative value than witness testimony”.

To debate and discuss these issues, we have assembled a cast of stars from near and far.

Following a presentation by Dr Kimberly Wade on psychological factors affecting witness evidence, José Astigarraga, the firm’s Global Chair of International Arbitration, and Paris-based international arbitration partner, Peter Rosher, will moderate the interactive, dynamic discussion among the panelists.

Audience members will have a chance to vote on each point of contention, providing insight to depth of the disagreements.

For a copy of our event highlights, please read the online flipbook or download the PDF below.