In this third international adtech roundup of the year, it is very clear that the number of stories we need to cover in our updates is increasing as the pace of regulation and industry initiatives accelerates.

Digital signals flying over highway

In this update, those following such developments will also note the need to look across multiple different legal disciplines to get a firm picture of what is happening. Whilst privacy and competition laws and regulators have been obvious areas of focus to date, as we move into 2022, the inclusion of adtech in the UK’s Online Safety Bill recommendations and EU’s digital safety proposals show a move into wider content and platform regulatory domains. Unsurprisingly, we also see discussions in respect of the so-called “cookie-less” future begin to take better shape with regulators finally beginning to make their concerns known even if we are yet to see any final decisions or enforcement action. This, combined with the awaited response of EU data protection authorities to the Belgian preliminary report on the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Transparency and Consent Framework (IAB TCF) in January, shows that another busy, yet uncertain, year is ahead of us.

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