Intervenants: Peter Y. Malyshev

Type d’évènement: Conférence

La Playa Beach Resort, 9891 Gulf Shore Dr., Naples FL 34108
Date/heure de début
19 January 2017
Date/heure de fin
21 January 2017

Join Reed Smith's Kari Larsen and Peter Malyshev at the 2017 Derivatives and Futures Law Committee meeting.

Kari is the chair of the "New Products/FinTech" panel.  This panel will examine the latest legal and regulatory issues concerning:

  • The initiation and implementation of new derivatives products;
  • Adaptation of market participants in using such products;
  • New issues and regulations re FinTech;
  • New issues and regulations re Cyber-security.

Peter is participating on the panel "Market Structure/Reg AT."  This panel will examine:

  • How trading occurs and is changing;
  • The interrelationships of markets;
  • How regulation and proposed regulatory changes are impacting market structure;
  • Developments re: Regulation AT

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