Dim sum bonds are a crucial component of China’s offshore renminbi (“RMB”) denominated bond market and represent the internationalization of the RMB. Dim sum bonds are RMB denominated bonds issued exclusively in Hong Kong, including dim sum bond issued and settled in RMB, and dim sum bond issued in RMB but settled in U.S. dollars.

Intervenants: Vivian Ji

Type d’évènement: Conférence

The China Club
, Bank Street Central
Date/heure de début
10 January 2024, 3:00 PM CST
Date/heure de fin
10 January 2024, 5:30 PM CST

The first dim sum bond was issued by the China Development Bank in Hong Kong in 2007, marking nearly 16 years of dim sum bonds. Currently, relevant institutions in Hong Kong and Mainland China are working together to enhance the mutual financial market access, particularly in the bond markets. In particular, the recent launch the Southbound Bond Connect further facilitates Chinese domestic investors’ participation in overseas investment and financing activities, thereby driving the future growth of the dim sum bond market. As an integral part of the Hong Kong bond market, dim sum bonds play a significant role in the liberalized development of China's bond market and represent a milestone in the internationalization of the RMB.

It is anticipated that under the continuous progression and amelioration of China's financial market and the establishment and development of mutual market access between the bond markets in China and Hong Kong, the attractiveness of RMB as a financing currency in the international market will be strengthened, while the dim sum bond market will also embrace sustainable long-term development.