Reed Smith’s GC Roundtable Series

There is no doubt that 2020 has been the year of change, challenge and transformation. Despite the continued uncertainty and the shared feelings of anxiety and uneasiness experienced and witnessed by many this year, we are resuming to a more ‘settled’ status and people, businesses and political leaders have gradually moved to adopting a more pragmatic approach for the future. As we approach the end of 2020, we are experiencing a slow return to normal, with the world hoping for a brighter 2021.
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In this rather turbulent and unusual year, to ensure we remain visible with our clients and continue to engage with them on important issues, we invited some of our clients to take stock of 2020 and discuss key areas and issues they had to navigate, as well as how they managed their businesses.

This was the final session from our 2020 Virtual Roundtable Series. The roundtable participants were from a variety of industries, including banking and finance, commercial real estate and professional services.

This thought leadership report summarizes the key questions and themes that emerged during the discussion with our clients and will help to better inform in-house legal and business teams and internal stakeholders on this topical subject, including:

  • 2020: Will the world as we’ve seen it this year lead to a future that we never imagined?
  • Reflection: 2020 as a 12-month emotional and commercial rollercoaster year
  • Dissecting 2020: The ultimate survival test for businesses
  • Beyond 2020: What will recovery look like in 2021?
  • COVID-19 legacies: Employee wellbeing and mental health rising to the top of the corporate agenda
Please download the PDF below to learn more.