Join our lawyers to discuss key issues in employment law.

Intervenants: Betty S.W. Graumlich Tyree P. Jones Holly A. Roth Mark J. Passero

Type d’évènement: Conférence

Reed Smith Tysons, 7900 Tysons One Place - Suite 500, McLean VA 22102
Date/heure de début
17 May 2018, 2:00 PM EDT
Date/heure de fin
17 May 2018, 5:00 PM EDT

Topics covered include:

  • Government contractor and whistleblower issues – The perils of making offers of employment to current and former federal government employees, including a discussion of “revolving door” laws – as well as absolute prohibitions – that impact private sector employment terms, conditions, and compensation
  • Wage and hour issues under federal and state law – Top 10 mistakes employers make
  • Status of the #MeToo movement and workplace harassment – The legal and business risks related to sexual harassment and the need to move from just legal compliance to actions designed to reduce or end harassment