The Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge is launching in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Intervenants: Antonia Birt

Type d’évènement: Évènement, Webinar

Courtyard Olaya Marriott, 2759 Olaya District, Mous Sa Bi, Riyadh 11333
Date/heure de début
6 June 2023, 3:00 PM ARBST
Date/heure de fin
6 June 2023, 6:00 PM ARBST

To mark the occasion, Reed Smith international arbitration partner Antonia Birt will chair an upcoming event on behalf of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Middle East Committee.

RSVP either in-person in Riyadh, or virtually, to explore the recent advances in the field of diversity and inclusion within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's arbitration community.