We are delighted to launch today Reed Smith’s inaugural international arbitration newsletter, “International Arbitration Focus”.
Metal puzzle in the shape of a globe

We live in a world of specialization. The practice of international arbitration has evolved accordingly. Gone are the days when it was enough simply “to know” the rules and procedures of international arbitration. As the economy has globalized, it has brought more regionalization and specialization to the practice. International arbitration in London differs significantly from international arbitration in Bogota, and arbitration in life sciences differs significantly from construction arbitration, just as investment arbitration differs from shipping arbitration. Today, companies engaged in international business disputes require lawyers with on-point experience and knowledge, be that for specific regions, specific industries or specific types of arbitrations.

Two years ago, Reed Smith launched a global expansion of its international arbitration practice with those three needs, by region, by industry, and by unique types of arbitration, in mind. 

An important component of Reed Smith’s expansion of its arbitration practice is to increase its thought leadership in the field. In the past year alone, Reed Smith lawyers have led global arbitration initiatives, published in leading publications, and chaired arbitration conferences. The firm is now sponsoring the Reed Smith global series of roundtables on “Hot Topics in International Arbitration,” with leading figures participating in events held in London, Paris, Dubai, and next, Singapore.