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Singapore, like the United States, enjoys a flexible copyright exception and has adopted rules with the firm intention of removing uncertainties for their tech industries and positioning themselves in the AI race, unencumbered.

The Singapore Copyright Act (SCA) provides for a fair use exception modelled after the fair use provisions in U.S. copyright law. Under the fair use exception, whether the use of a copyright-protected work qualifies as a non-infringing fair use is assessed according to a number of factors including, the purpose and character of the use and the effect on the market for the work.

This fair use exception, if helpful, was nevertheless deemed too unpredictable and a specific exception was called upon to provide more certainty to the sector, in light of the increasing importance of TDM as a research and training tool for the AI sector.

Following a public consultation which began in 2016, the same year the Copyright Directive was published in the EU, proposed amendments for a new exception to copyright for use of works for text and data mining (TDM) were adopted by Parliament in 2021 and enacted in November 2021.

Key takeaways
  • Singapore quickly adapted to generative AI by creating an exception permitting AI companies to reproduce copyrighted works for training purposes
  • Works generated solely by AI may not receive copyright protection, potentially discouraging opportunistic creation and commercial exploitation