Reed Smith is proud to host pemacom 2023!

Intervenants: Christian von Sydow Nikolaus von Jacobs Siddesh Bale Linton Bloomberg Julia M. Boyd Daja Apetz-Dreier Andreas Splittgerber François Feuillat Philipp Süss Leon Stephenson Sam Webster Robert A. Wilkins Shervin Shameli Octávio de Sousa Edward H. Klees

Type d’évènement: Conférence

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Promenadeplatz 2-6, Munich 80333
Date/heure de début
19 September 2023, 8:00 AM Germany Daylight Time
Date/heure de fin
19 September 2023, 4:45 PM Germany Daylight Time

pemacom is the successor to the renowned Cross-Border M&A and Private Equity Conference (MuMAC).

As the industry's leading event for cross-border mergers and acquisitions and private equity investments, pemacom offers a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing within the Private Equity and M&A community.

Visit the official pemacom website for more information.