We hope that the new year is off to a promising beginning for each of you.

Your Reed Smith global antitrust and competition team has been giving thought to the issues and priorities that might be particularly relevant to you this year.

Authors: Vaibhav Adlakha Audrey Augusto Courtney Bedell Averbach Andrew C. Bernasconi Daniel I. Booker Christopher R. Brennan Lucile Chneiweiss Debra H. Dermody Jennifer M. Driscoll Edward W. Duffy Marjorie C. Holmes Emma Weeden Khushbu Kumar Marc Lévy Michael E. Lowenstein Michelle A. Mantine Edward S. Miller Mao Rong Edward B. Schwartz Asha Sharma William J. Sheridan Natasha Tardif Michaela Westrup Katherine Yang Carolyn Chia (Resource Law LLC)

Antitrust & Competition Year in Review Image

In our 2018 year-end review, we highlight new developments and issues to consider on pages 13-14, as well as many examples of the 2018 cases, investigations, transactions, and counseling matters on which we worked with you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Together, we enjoyed many significant accomplishments. During 2019, we anticipate that a number of competition issues will prove important, including:

  1. possible changes to the direct purchaser antitrust standing rule;
  2. enforcement of the competitive effects of “no poach” employee provisions;
  3. antitrust issues associated with digital technology;
  4. pharma investigations and appeals in the United States and EU;
  5. French procedural developments affecting mergers;
  6. Brexit; and
  7. recent foundational challenges to the consumer welfare focus of antitrust laws.

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