2020 is proving to be an unprecedented year as businesses across the globe deal with a “once-in-a-century” pandemic, the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union, industries are trying to respond to the #metoo movement and prevent racial injustice and inequity, and social media is pushing companies and individuals to higher standards of accountability.

Speakers: Daja Apetz-Dreier David Ashmore Diane A. Bettino Katherine A. Campbell Chloe J. Carswell Eleanor E. Chapman Anthony B. Crawford Jennifer Yule DePriest Clément Fouchard Michael B. Galibois Betty S.W. Graumlich Leigh T. Hansson Peter Hardy Kohe Hasan Stéphane Illouz Aaron Javian Constantine Karides Rosanne Kay Sachin Kerur Waseem Khokhar Dusty Elias Kirk William T. Kirkwood Peter L. Kogan Justin J. Kontul Janet H. Kwuon Casey D. Laffey Michael J. Lowell Thor Maalouf Michelle A. Mantine Yves Melin Adela Mues Ed Mullins Michelle Nelson Cynthia O'Donoghue Mark Pring Rizwan A. Qureshi Oliver Rawkins Carolyn H. Rosenberg Asha Sharma Andreas Splittgerber Gerard M. Stegmaier Ben Summerfield

Event Type: Webinar, CLE / CPD

Start Date/Time:
26 October 2020
End Date/Time:
29 October 2020
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Against this backdrop, technological innovation remains a constant as large segments of the workforce go remote and individuals and businesses find ways to adapt to solve our collective challenges.

This combination of factors has affected the global disputes landscape and brought rise to a host of long-term ramifications as we move into the “next normal.”

Join Reed Smith litigators and keynote speakers, including analysts from the Eurasia Group, Judge Rabeea Collier from the 113th Civil District Court in Texas, Ali Malek QC (3 Verulam Building Chambers), and top infectious disease experts from UCLA Health, over the course of four days of virtual presentations. See all session topics listed per day below.

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