While 2020 certainly brought its challenges, 2021 brings new trends, priorities, and opportunities, particularly in the world of competition law. Our global antitrust and competition team has conducted sweeping research of the developments that are most relevant to you and your business this year. For our clients and friends, we share our view of the state of global competition issues today in our report, Looking ahead: global antitrust and competition trends for 2021. Topics include: Competition in the digital tech and health care industries; mergers; Brexit; COVID-19; and litigation; regulations, and enforcement.

Authors: Vaibhav Adlakha Audrey Augusto Courtney Bedell Averbach Andrew C. Bernasconi Daniel I. Booker Christopher R. Brennan Lucile Chneiweiss Debra H. Dermody Jennifer M. Driscoll Edward W. Duffy Christian Filippitsch Geert Goeteyn Magdalini Goulakou Marjorie C. Holmes Khushbu Kumar Marc Lévy Michael E. Lowenstein Ross Mackenzie Michelle A. Mantine Camille Martin Saint-Léon Isabelle Rahman Edward B. Schwartz Max Seuster Cindy Shen William J. Sheridan Natasha Tardif Gregory D. Vose Dora Wang Emma Weeden Michaela Westrup Charles Sauvage

Our global team

Reed Smith’s dedicated Antitrust and Competition team comprises of over 30 lawyers in the United States, Europe and Asia with extensive experience representing clients before various government enforcement agencies and competition authorities. Leveraging our global reach, we offer a full-spectrum competition practice, which includes analyzing, advising on and, where appropriate, minimizing the competition and antitrust risk to clients’ operations, particularly those dealing with multi-jurisdictional and national competition issues. Our team is distinguished by its substantial scope and depth, diverse base of knowledge and experience, long track record, international reach, and global capabilities.

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