This report provides a synopsis for each of the 20 sessions at our conference, “Navigating the next normal: Global disputes in 2020 and beyond,” which took place October 26-29, 2020. The report summarizes highlights and key takeaways for each presentation, and includes a recording link to view the sessions on demand.
2020 Global disputes conference image

Download the report in its entirety. Or use the links below to access specific session summaries and recordings:

  1. Welcome from the conference co-chairs 
  2. Geopolitics: 2020 tensions expected to abate in 2021
  3. The Impact of International Trade Wars on Global Business
  4. Financial crime: Why and how regulators are changing priorities
  5. UAE-Israel normalization creates new opportunities
  6. Brexit puts English litigants in a quandary on jurisdiction
  7. Virtual proceedings are here to stay
  8. Artificial intelligence versus IP and data protection
  9. Real estate trends in the U.S. and the UK
  10. Restructuring and insolvency market updates: Past, present and future
  11. COVID-19-related litigation and regulatory developments worldwide
  12. COVID-19 is redefining corporate responsibility
  13. Employment litigation in the age of COVID-19
  14. Mitigating COVID-19’s disparate impact on women and minorities
  15. COVID-19 could cause proliferation of investor-state disputes
  16. U.S. law offers tools for cross-border discovery
  17. Public health: Vaccine won’t be a COVID-19 silver bullet
  18. Biometric data and emerging dispute risks
  19. COVID-19 business interruption coverage: Comparing U.S. and UK experiences
  20. Strategies corporate clients can consider when funding litigation
  21. Navigating potential perils and pitfalls of U.S. and EU pandemic response