Global law firm Reed Smith was ranked across 54 areas of practice in the Chambers Global 2024 guide. This included earning eight Band 1 rankings for practices. In addition, the firm’s lawyers achieved 73 individual rankings in the guide, of whom nine were ranked in Band 1 across 11 areas of practice and 13 were newly ranked.

Reed Smith was ranked in Band 1 for:

  • Asia-Pacific Shipping: Litigation
  • China Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded (International Firms)
  • China Shipping: Litigation (International Firms)
  • South Korea Shipping: International Firms
  • UK Insurance Sector: Policyholder (International & Cross-Border)
  • UK Insurance: Mainly Policyholders
  • USA Bankruptcy/Restructuring: Highly Regarded
  • USA International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions: Highly Regarded

The firm achieved new rankings in the guide for:

  • Asia-Pacific Data Protection
  • United Arab Emirates Dispute Resolution
  • United Arab Emirates Restructuring/Insolvency

Here is the full list of categories in which Reed Smith earned a ranking in Chambers Global 2024.


  • Arbitration (International)
  • Aviation: Finance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate/M&A
  • Data Protection (new entry)
  • Shipping: Finance
  • Shipping: Litigation (Band 1)


  • Competition: EU


  • General Business Law (Expertise based abroad) in Singapore


  • Banking & Finance (International Firms)
  • Corporate/M&A: Highly Regarded (International Firms) (Band 1)
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (International Firms)
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation (International Firms)
  • Shipping: Finance (International Firms)
  • Shipping: Litigation (International Firms) (Band 1)


  • International Trade/WTO


  • International Arbitration

Global Market Leaders

  • Climate Change
  • Shipping: Finance
  • Shipping: Litigation

Global: Multi-Jurisdictional

  • Data Protection
  • Insurance: Contentious


  • Dispute Resolution (Expertise based abroad) in UK


  • Corporate & Finance (International Firms) (Expertise based abroad) in Singapore


  • Dispute Resolution (Expertise based abroad) in UK

Latin America: International Counsel

  • Arbitration - International


  • Corporate/M&A: International: Highly Regarded
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration: Elite
  • Shipping: Domestic
  • Shipping: International: Litigation

South Korea

  • Shipping: International Firms (Band 1)
  • Shipping: International Firms (Expertise based abroad) in UK

United Kingdom

  • Capital Markets: Securitisation
  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation
  • Disputes (International & Cross-Border)
  • Employment
  • Insurance Sector: Policyholder (International & Cross-Border) (Band 1)
  • Insurance: Mainly Policyholders (Band 1)
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Arbitration: Commercial Arbitration
  • International Arbitration: Investor-State Arbitration

United Arab Emirates

  • Construction
  • Dispute Resolution (new entry)
  • Restructuring/Insolvency (new entry)

United States

  • Bankruptcy/Restructuring: Highly Regarded (Band 1)
  • Derivatives
  • E-Discovery & Information Governance
  • Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)
  • Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional)
  • International Arbitration: Foreign expertise Latin America wide
  • International Arbitration: The Elite
  • International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions: Highly Regarded (Band 1)
  • Labor & Employment
  • Privacy & Data Security: Highly Regarded

The guide lists 58* individual Reed Smith lawyers as preeminent practitioners. Among them, these nine were lauded with Band 1 ranking for their areas of focus. Alex Andrews and José Astigarraga both garnered two Band 1 rankings.

  • Alex Andrews, South Korea Shipping: International Firms and South Korea Shipping (Expertise based abroad) in UK
  • José Astigarraga, Latin America: International Counsel Arbitration (International) and USA International Arbitration: Counsel
  • Margaret Campbell, UK Insurance: Mainly Policyholders
  • Peter Hardy, UK Insurance: Mainly Policyholders
  • Kohe Hasan, Cambodia General Business Law (Expertise based abroad) in Singapore
  • Lianjun Li, China Shipping: Litigation (International Firms)
  • Michelle Nelson, United Arab Emirates Construction: Dispute Resolution
  • Mark Pring, UK Insurance: Mainly Policyholders
  • Charles Weller, Global Market Leaders Shipping: Litigation

In addition, Tamara Box was named an Eminent Practitioner for UK Capital Markets: Securitisation and Andrew Taylor was named a Senior Statesperson for Global Markets Leaders Shipping: Litigation.

Here is the full list of ranked lawyers.

Alex Andrews, José Astigarraga, Gautam Bhattacharyya, Christian Filippitsch, Kohe Hasan, Denise Jong, Sachin Kerur, Lianjun Li, Johnny Lim and Belinda Paisley received mentions in more than one area.

  • Alex Andrews, Shipping: International Firms, South Korea and Shipping (Expertise based abroad) in UK, South Korea
  • David Ashmore, Employment, UK
  • José Astigarraga, Arbitration (International), Global Market Leaders and Arbitration (International), Latin America: International Counsel and International Arbitration (Foreign Expert for Latin America-wide), USA and International Arbitration: Counsel, USA
  • James Atkin, Energy & Natural Resources: Oil & Gas, UK (new entry)
  • Gautam Bhattacharyya, Dispute Resolution (Expertise based abroad) in UK, India and International Arbitration (Foreign Expertise – India), UK (new entry) and International Arbitration, UK
  • Antonia Birt, Dispute Resolution, United Arab Emirates
  • Tamara Box, Capital Markets: Securitisation, UK (new entry)
  • Margaret Campbell, Insurance: Mainly Policyholders, UK
  • David Cohen, E-Discovery & Information Governance, USA
  • Timothy Cooke, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, Singapore
  • Therese Craparo, E-Discovery & Information Governance, USA
  • Anthony Diana, E-Discovery & Information Governance, USA
  • Christian Filippitsch, Competition: EU, Belgium and Competition: EU (Foreign Expert for Germany), Belgium
  • Clement Fouchard, International Arbitration, France (new entry)
  • Peter Glover, Shipping: International: Litigation, Singapore
  • Matthew Gorman, Corporate/M&A: International, Singapore
  • Leigh Hansson, International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, USA
  • Peter Hardy, Insurance: Mainly Policyholders, UK
  • Kohe Hasan, General Business Law (Expertise based abroad), Cambodia and Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (Foreign Expertise for Cambodia), Singapore
  • Simon Hugo, Capital Markets: Securitisation, UK
  • Robin Jeffcott, Employment, UK
  • Gary Johnson, Energy: Oil & Gas (Transactional), USA
  • Denise Jong, Capital Markets: Equity (International Firms), China and Corporate/M&A: Hong Kong-based (International Firms), China
  • Sachin Kerur, Construction: Dispute Resolution, United Arab Emirates and Construction: Non-contentious, United Arab Emirates
  • Peter Lee, Shipping: Finance (International Firms), China
  • Lianjun Li, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (International Firms), China and Shipping: Litigation (International Firms), China and Shipping: Litigation, Global Market Leaders
  • Min Li, Shipping: Litigation (International Firms), China
  • Johnny Lim, Corporate/M&A (International Firms) (Foreign Expertise based abroad in Singapore), Indonesia (new entry) and Corporate/M&A (Foreign Expert for Indonesia), Singapore (new entry)
  • Eric Lin, Energy & Natural Resources (International Firms), China
  • Michael Lowell, International Trade: Export Controls & Economic Sanctions, USA
  • Yves Melin, International Trade/WTO, Europe-wide
  • Michelle Nelson, Construction: Dispute Resolution, United Arab Emirates
  • Belinda Paisley, Dispute Resolution: (Expertise based abroad) in UK, Kazakhstan and International Arbitration (Foreign Expertise - Kazakhstan), UK and International Arbitration, UK
  • Wing Tat Pan, Shipping Finance (International Firms), China (new entry)
  • Marcus Price, Commercial and Corporate Litigation, UK (new entry)
  • Mark Pring, Insurance: Mainly Policyholders, UK
  • Isabelle Rahman, Competition: EU, Belgium
  • Francisco Rodriguez, International Arbitration: Counsel, USA
  • Peter Rosher, International Arbitration, France
  • Jamie Ryder, TMT: Media, Entertainment & Sport, United Arab Emirates
  • Suzie Savage, Dispute Resolution (Foreign Expertise based in UK), Kazakhstan (new entry)
  • Marianne Schaffner, Intellectual Property: Patents, France
  • Laura-May Scott, Insurance: Mainly Policyholders, UK (new entry)
  • Donald Sham, Shipping: Litigation (International Firms), China (new entry)
  • Asha Sharma, Dispute Resolution: Litigation (International Firms), China
  • Michael Sinn, Banking & Finance: Hong Kong-based (International Firms), China
  • Michael Skrein, Intellectual Property, UK
  • Simon Spells, Aviation: Finance, Asia-Pacific Region
  • Gerard Stegmaier, Privacy & Data Security, USA
  • Andrew Taylor, Shipping: Litigation, Global Market Leaders
  • Matthew Townsend, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (International Firms), China (new entry)
  • Charles Weller, Shipping: Litigation, Global Market Leaders
  • Rob Wilkins, Shipping: Finance, Global Market Leaders
  • James Willn, Dispute Resolution, United Arab Emirates
  • Lucy Winnington-Ingram, International Arbitration (Foreign Expert for Kazakhstan), UK (new entry)
  • Anthony Woo, Corporate/M&A: Hong Kong-based (International Firms), China
  • Bernard Yee (Resource Law LLC), Shipping: Domestic: Litigation, Singapore
  • Askar Zhansagimov, Corporate & Finance, Kazakhstan

The 2024 Chambers Global guide is based on detailed research and analysis, including interviews with in-house counsel and third-party experts. The guide helps clients to find leading lawyers and other professionals across the globe.

* The total of 58 individual lawyers includes one lawyer (Bernard Yee) who is with Resource Law LLC. Reed Smith is in a Formal Law Alliance with Resource Law LLC in Singapore.