Reed Smith, an international law firm with 30 offices, was highlighted in 23 practice areas in industry-specific rankings in the 2021 edition of The Legal 500 USA.

Related Professionals: Nicole J. Aiken-Shaban Omar J. Alaniz Nicolle R. Snyder Bagnell Mary M. Balaster Oliver Beiersdorf Barbara R. Binis Martin J. Bishop Nicolas Borda Patrick E. Bradley Kenneth E. Broughton Amanda K. Brown Michael K. Brown Sarah L. Bruno Catherine R. Castaldo Greg Chase Peter S. Clark Jessica Cortez Samuel F. Cullari Todd Culwell Justin D. deBettencourt Han Deng Anthony J. Diana Michael S. Dingman James M. Doerfler Maria B. Earley Craig R. Enochs John P. Feldman Ilene K. Froom Melissa A. Geist Kurt F. Gwynne Ryan A. Haddad Megan S. Haines Julie A. Hardin Scot T. Hasselman Dan J. Hofmeister Colette D. Honorable Dwight A. Howes Bart W. Huffman Gary C. Johnson Kevin D. Keenan Evan B. Kelson Catherine E. Kiernan Henry R. King Herbert F. Kozlov Moshe J. Kupietzky Daniella D. Landers Jeff Layne Randa M. Lewis Todd O. Maiden Peter Y. Malyshev Stacy K. Marcus Brendan M. McNallen Brian C. Mitchell Marilyn A. Moberg Joseph M. Motto Edwin J. Nazario Michael O'Neil Donald G. Ousterhout Debra Ann Palmer Christine Parker Benjamin H. Patton Stan Perry Kurt C. Peterson Kirsten S. Polyansky Ryan T. Purpura Jared S. Roach Frederick Robinson Edward G. Rogan Robert A. Roth Prajakt Samant Michael Sanders Jane Sarma Jodi E. Schwimmer Stephen E. Sessa Michael S. Sherman Jeffrey D. Silberman Christian Simonds Luke A. Sizemore Kenneth N. Smersfelt Antoine K.F. Smiley Jennifer A. Smokelin Gregory Speier Gerard M. Stegmaier James Sully Matthew E. Tashman Daniel Teplin Karl A. Thallner Bryan M. Webster Sonja S. Weissman Justin H. Werner Douglas J. Wood Betty Yan

The firm achieved a Tier 1 ranking in “Dispute resolution: product liability, mass tort and class actions: pharmaceuticals and medical devices – defense,” evidence of the firm’s excellent service to clients in that area.

Reed Smith’s Energy & Natural Resources, Entertainment & Media, Financial Industries, Transportation, and Life Sciences Health Industry groups featured in the following categories of the Legal 500 USA rankings.

  • Advertising and marketing: transactional and regulatory
  • Construction (including construction litigation)
  • Cyber law (including data privacy and data protection)
  • Energy: litigation: oil and gas
  • Energy: regulation: conventional power
  • Energy: regulation: oil and gas
  • Energy: renewable/alternative power
  • Energy: transactions: oil and gas
  • Environment: litigation
  • Environment: regulatory
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare: health insurers
  • Healthcare: service providers
  • Healthcare: life sciences
  • Media and entertainment: transactional
  • Product liability, mass tort and class actions: automotive/transport – defense
  • Product liability, mass tort and class actions: pharmaceuticals and medical devices – defense (Tier 1)
  • Restructuring: corporate (including bankruptcy)
  • Restructuring: municipal (including bankruptcy)
  • Structured finance: derivatives and structured products
  • Structured finance: securitization
  • Transport: aviation and air travel: litigation and regulation
  • Transport: shipping: finance

Reed Smith showed particular strength in energy, transport, environment, finance and health care, earning multiple rankings for those industries.

Associated with these featured industry categories, a number of Reed Smith lawyers are ranked in the directory. They include:

  • Patrick Bradley, Product liability, mass tort and class actions: Automotive/transport – defense (Hall of Fame) and Transport: Aviation and air travel: Litigation and regulation (Leading Lawyer)
  • Michael K. Brown, Product liability, mass tort and class actions: Pharmaceuticals and medical devices – defense (Hall of Fame)
  • Han Deng, Transport: Shipping: Finance (Rising Star)
  • Stacy Marcus, Advertising and marketing: Transactional and regulatory (Leading Lawyer)
  • Benjamin Patton, Environment: Regulatory (Next Generation Partner)
  • Ryan Purpura, Energy: Transactions: Oil and gas (Next Generation Partner)
  • Jane Freeberg Sarma, Transport: Shipping: Finance (Next Generation Partner)
  • Jeffrey Silberman, Fintech (Next Generation Partner)
  • Gregory Speier, Transport: Aviation and air travel: litigation and regulation (Rising Star)
  • Douglas Wood, Advertising and marketing: Litigation (Hall of Fame) and Advertising and marketing: Transactional and regulatory (Hall of Fame)

The publisher defines Hall of Fame, Leading Lawyer, Next Generation Partner and Rising Star as follows:

Hall of Fame is defined as “Individuals who have received constant praise from their clients for continued excellence.” They are individuals who are routinely ranked over a number of consecutive years.

Leading Lawyer is defined as partners who have received “excellent referee and peer feedback, who have had a prominent role in several leading matters this year” and who are “pre-eminent in their field.”

Next Generation Partner is defined as “junior/new/younger partners who make a material difference to the practice.”

Rising Star is defined as “junior/new/younger associates and counsel who make a material difference to the practice.”

Lawyers mentioned in the editorial section (excluding those named already) are:

Nicole Aiken-Shaban, Omar Alaniz, Stephen Aschettino, Nicolle Snyder Bagnell, Mary Balaster, Oliver Beiersdorf, Barbara Binis, Marty Bishop, Nicolas Borda, Kenneth Broughton, Amanda Brown, Sarah Bruno, Catherine Castaldo, Greg Chase, Peter Clark, Jessica Cortez, Samuel Cullari, Todd Culwell, Justin deBettencourt, Anthony Diana, Michael Dingman, James Doerfler, Maria Earley, Craig Enochs, John Feldman, Ilene Froom, Melissa Geist, Kurt Gwynne, Ryan Haddad, Megan Haines, Julie Hardin, Scot Hasselman, Dan Hofmeister, Collette Honorable, Dwight Howes, Bart Huffman, Gary Johnson, Kevin Keenan, Evan Kelson, Catherine Kiernan, Henry King, Herbert Kozlov, Moshe Kupietzky, Daniella Landers, Jeff Layne, Randa Lewis, Todd Maiden, Peter Malyshev, Brendan McNallen, Brian Mitchell, Marilyn Moberg, Joseph Motto, Edwin Nazario, Michael O’Neil, Donald Ousterhout, Debra Ann Palmer, Christine Parker, Stan Perry, Kurt Peterson, Kirsten Polyansky, Jared Roach, Frederick Robinson, Edward Rogan, Robert Roth, Prajakt Samant, Michael Sanders, Jodi Schwimmer, Stephen Sessa, Michael Sherman, Christian Simonds, Luke Sizemore, Kenneth Smersfelt, Antoine Smiley, Jennifer Smokelin, Gerry Stegmaier, James Sully, Matthew Tashman, Daniel Teplin, Karl Thallner, Bryan Webster, Sonja Weissman, Justin Werner, Betty Yan.